About Simona

Simona has more than 20 years experience treating babies and children with motor delay. Simona holds both a Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry from Trent University, in Peterborough, Ontario, the community in which she was born and raised, as well as a Bachelor of Science, Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. She has since been a member in good standing of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and has practiced exclusively in the field of paediatrics throughout her career.

With a love for paediatric care fostered during her university education, Simona has participated in extensive post graduate study focused in paediatrics. In addition to attending a variety of paediatric conferences and seminars, Simona completed the Introductory Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) course and the Treatment Approaches for Children with Hypotonia course, as well as introductory level training in Myofascial Release. However, following an initial introduction during her final clinical placement in PT school, it is Cuevas MEDEK Exercises, or CME therapy, (formerly MEDEK) that Simona feels most connected to as a therapist.

Under the direct instruction of Ramon Cuevas, creator of CME therapy, Simona completed the Introductory MEDEK course in 1997 and the Intermediate MEDEK course in 1999. In 2000, Ramon established the CME Education Program. As part of this revised program, CME III, or the Advanced course was introduced and, in 2003, Simona became the first CME III certified practitioner. With this honour, Ramon invited Simona to act as his Assistant and Course Coordinator for CME courses in Canada. In this role, Simona was fortunate to assist Ramon with the teaching of several CME courses in Canada. Then, in 2009, Simona became the first practitioner to achieve the further distinction of CME IV, Instructor level certification, under the CME Education Program. To date, the only practitioners who have been certified by Ramon to teach CME courses are Simona (June 2009), Ramon's son, Alexis Cuevas (CME V certified practitioner who sadly passed away suddenly in September 2017), and Gislaine Bacarin (May 2018). In the years since completing her CME IV certification, Simona has taught both CME I and II courses in Canada and the United States.

As often as life permits, Simona travels to visit with Ramon and update her skills. Her travels have taken her as far as the CME International Center in Santiago, Chile. As CME is not static, in that Ramon is always creating new exercises and, at times, fine tuning things of the past, Simona considers her visits with him a critical component of her ongoing commitment to clinical excellence in CME therapy.

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