Intensive Blocks

Intensive blocks (IB) of CME therapy at SDPT typically consist of 2 therapy sessions/day, each session being 50 minutes in duration. Sessions are scheduled at a consistent time from Monday through Friday, with time given between sessions for lunch and a nap/break from therapy. The option of a single daily session is also available. For families from out of town who are visiting SDPT for an IB, the recommended duration of stay is a minimum of one week, however, 2 or more weeks is strongly encouraged.

The first appointment of an initial IB visit consists of completing the necessary paperwork (consent form and medical history) and the CME assessment, as well as review of the assessment findings. Therapy will commence at the next session, however, if time permits, a few exercises may be started following completion of the assessment. The final sessions of each IB are dedicated to creation and instruction of an appropriate home program. This is discussed in further detail with the caregiver(s) at the time of each visit.

Intensive blocks are appropriate for families who are travelling from outside of Toronto, or for local families who wish to engage their child in a more intensive program for a defined period of time. In the case of a local family, an IB may also be suggested if the child is struggling with therapy, as a way of familiarizing them with the handling and/or working through a difficult period in the therapy program. Having said this, Simona believes that open communication is a key element of a successful therapeutic relationship and, therefore, all options are discussed with the client and decisions are made taking into account the family circumstances and, of course, the best interest of the child.

Simona has completed IB’s with families from around the world and has also travelled to both the US and Asia to deliver IB's locally. To determine if an IB would be appropriate for your child and family, or to schedule an IB, contact Simona directly. Bookings are made on a first come, first serve basis and are scheduled up to one year in advance.


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