CME Courses

As a CME IV Certified Practitioner, Simona DeMarchi is authorized by Ramon Cuevas, creator of CME therapy, to teach CME I and II courses. Simona’s courses are recognized as part of the CME Continuing Education Program. Each certificate of course completion is registered with the CME International Centre and is signed by both Simona, as course instructor, as well as Ramon, as the creator of CME therapy. Only therapists in possession of a registered certificate are authorized to deliver CME therapy. 

Simona accepts registered physical and occupational therapists into her courses. Courses are taught as demand justifies and Simona’s schedule permits. In addition to small group courses of 8-15 therapists, Simona also offers courses in tutorial format of just 2-6 therapists registered in any given week. Each format has unique characteristics and advantages to offer to the registrants. 

Contact Simona if you would like more information about the CME I and II courses that she offers, the possibility of hosting a CME course in your local area, and/or to be added to her contact list.

If you would like more information about the structure of each course, please visit the website for the CME International Center at

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