CME Equipment

Simona DeMarchi Paediatric Therapy is authorized by the CME International Center to act as a point of sale for the CME sets of boxes. Each CME set of boxes consists of 8 pieces of specially designed wooden equipment, as well as a roll of grip liner. Each wooden piece is branded with the CME logo, a sign of authenticity and assurance that each set has been made to the specifications of the original design as created by Ramon Cuevas. The CME sets of boxes are available only for direct sale to CME certified practitioners, or families whose child is receiving active therapy from a CME certified practitioner. 

Once a child is able to stand with support at their thighs, the CME set of boxes is a necessary tool for the delivery of their ongoing CME program, including the exercises which are prescribed as part of the child's home program. The CME set of boxes allows both the CME practitioner, and the caregiver who is doing the home program exercises with the child, to further provoke balance, stability, and walking control in a very dynamic way. With the combination of several CME sets of boxes, and the expertise of a highly skilled practitioner, the opportunity for neuromuscular stimulation is vast.  

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